VMWare Virtual Datacentre Service

Why Extraordinary for your VMWare Virtual Datacentre Service?

We are a professional hosting provider with full time staff 24/7 and have been established since 2001. We use high end AMD servers and provide full accountability and direct control of all aspects of the service from hardware to virtualisation. Finally, we run our own network and are member of LINX with multiple uplinks to Tier-1 networks.

Our VMWare Virtual Datacentre Service is powered by VMWare Cloud Director 10.

Powered by AMD EPYC™ and VMWare


  • AMD EPYC is the performance leader for datacentre virtualisation
  • AMD EPYC™ is the only current x86-architecture server processor supporting PCIe 4.0
  • Fully X86 Compatible which means your software will just work while benefiting from AMD EPYC ™'s performance leadership


  • Hyperconverged infrastructure provided VMWare ESXi, VMWare NSX and VMWare vSAN
  • VMWare Cloud Director 10 for virtual datacentre management
  • Storage powered by VMWare vSAN

Virtual Datacentre services available in:

  • Interxion London
  • Pulsant Edinburgh


Supported Virtual Machine Operating Systems and Licencing

  • Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition or 2019 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server is available as a monthly rental
  • Any Linux or BSD operating systems supported by VMWare ESXi 7.0
  • RedHat Enterprise server is available as a monthly rental


Virtual machine Control Panel

  • cPanel (VPS optimised edition): CloudLinux only. Includes WHM.


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