Veeam Backup for Salesforce

Why backup Salesforce?

One of the main reasons to not rely solely on Salesforce to back up your data is to overcome limited data retention periods. Salesforce only keeps backups of your data for a limited period of time, usually between two to seven days. This means that in case of a disaster or data loss, you would have a very short window of time to restore your data before it is no longer available. This can be a significant problem for businesses that need to access historical data or that have a long-term retention requirement.

For regulatory requirements you may be required to keep backups of your data for a certain period of time or to store your backups in a specific location. Cloud Recovery Backup for Salesforce solves these issues by letting you set your backup retention period and select which region you want to store your backup data in.

Our Managed Salesforce Backup Service

Our Veeam Backup for Salesforce service stores a copy of your Salesforce data in AWS. It allows you to specify how long your backup data should be retained, in a location that suits your requirements. The ability to choose where you keep your Salesforce backup data, and for how long your data will be kept makes it easy to comply with information security and/or regulatory requirements.

In the event of data loss, our service allows you quickly restore backup data from the self service web interface. You can restore your backups from specific restore points in your backup retention making data restore quick and uncomplicated.

Our Backup for Salesforce service is a managed product which includes our management services that support the uptime, performance and security of each customer instance.

Data backed up to AWS

We currently offer a choice of two AWS UK storage location. 

Instant signup and deployment coming soon

Our Backup for Salesforce automatically deploys private backup instances in AWS. You will soon be able sign-up with a credit or debit card. All our deployments are automated, secure and immediate. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to sign up now.

Our service is built on Veeam Backup for Software software at its core. Veeam is a global market leader in enterprise backup solutions.