Managing Your Systems For You

Leave the daily administration and monitoring of your systems in the expert hands of our experienced engineers. 

24/7 Application Monitoring and response

We monitor the following key metrics application and server metrics:

  • Application response times
  • Application critical error messages
  • Authentication system operation
  • Server resource measuring including Disk IO, CPU usage, memory and other key metrics

Any monitoring failure will alert the system support team and be investigated within 15 minutes. We use a custom run-book for each customer. The run-book dictates which actions we will take, as agreed with you, when a service fails or needs to be investigated.

Application and operating system security patching

Our security team reviews relevant security advisories on a daily basis. If a critical advisory is published, we will work with you to schedule the required updates at a time that is suitable to your customers. The process followed can include a dry-run and rollback procedure.

Proactive virtual machine management using System Center 2012

The Microsoft System Center Monitoring Pack for Windows Server (OS) allows us to “deep monitor” Windows 2008 and 2012. This management pack let’s us monitor the availability, configuration, performance, and security aspects of the Windows Server OS. Using this information we are able to predict performance issues and identify areas that require fine-tuning. These issues are managed according to the customer run-book. 

Proactive application management using Splunk

Splunk gives us deep insight into the running of your applications. By combining application and server logs in Splunk, we are able to correlate key system events with performance and service data. This insight allows us to quickly identify root causes as well as predict and plan for increased demands. We use Splunk analytics for 24/7 monitoring and ongoing proactive management.

Physical to virtual server migration

With over 1,000 virtual machine migrations under our belt, we are an industry expert in machine migration. Supported platforms for migration are Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, Xen 3/4 and VMWare.