Hybrid Clouds:
The best of Private & Public Clouds

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

The Hybrid Cloud is an integrated cloud service using a mix of private, on-premises and Public Cloud to deliver functionality above and beyond what a single Private or Public Cloud can provide.

Why using the Microsoft Azure Pack for Hybrid Clouds?

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud can be used to supplement resources in the Azure Private or On-premises Cloud. Temporary resource requirements can be satisfied on a flexible basis through the use of resources in Microsoft Azure, which are billed for on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Azure Cloud API allows easy automation of resource provisioning in the Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud is available in 5 major geographic regions. Integrating your Private Cloud with Microsoft Azure allows your business to deliver service in localised markets nearly instantly.

Business Continuity
With Microsoft Azure Backup you can rest assured that your critical applications, including MS-SQL, IIS and data storage are securely backed up between different clouds in the Azure Hybrid Cloud.
Extraordinary’s managed business continuity service ensures that backup and replication processes are not just automated but carefully monitored and maintained.

Cost Efficient Flexibility
The Azure Hybrid Cloud allows your business to dynamically adjust the amount of capacity required in the Public, Private or On-premises Cloud. The ability to easily place workloads in any of these clouds allows you the flexibility to select the appropriate cloud based on performance, features and cost. When application usage becomes predictable, the Azure Hybrid Cloud model allows you to decide in which cloud the most cost effective hosting can be found over the longer term, whether that requirement is for unpredictable peaks or fixed workloads.

API Consistency
The Azure Cloud API is consistent over the Public and Datacentre editions of Azure, making deployment automation and management straightforward.

Extraordinary Managed Services Benefits

  • We are experts in Azure.
  • We are a single point of contact for Hybrid Clouds powered by Azure technology
  • We provide a single bill for all cloud services.
  • Our infrastructure uses the best breed of technologies (Juniper, Cisco, Microsoft) and is hosted in the UK’s premium datacentres.
  • We provide direct connectivity into the Azure Cloud using dedicated Virtual Private Network services over low latency links.
  • Our solutions are fully managed, in whatever cloud they are.