Content Delivery Network:
Accelerate Access to your Website Abroad

A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of interconnected servers duplicating content over the Internet in order to speed content delivery for users according to their location. CDN technology is particularly well suited for websites accessed from all over the world or offering audio and video streaming as well as other large files. By holding copies of the same content on strategically located servers it reduces latency and annoying “jitter”, accessing information via the server that is closest to each user.

For clients in need of CDN technology, Extraordinary has partnered with Incapsula. Combining intelligent caching and content optimisation with globally spread datacentres, Incapsula’s CDN accelerates content delivery for users.

Benefits of Extraordinary’s CDN and caching

  • Proximity with users delivered through global network of datacentres
  • Fast access to the most current content through intelligent content caching and optimisation
  • Easy management thanks to dedicated API
  • Easy activation via simple DNS change with no software/hardware installation or changes to your website/application
  • On average, websites/applications using Incapsula’s CDN are 50% faster and use 40-70% less bandwidth

Global Network of Datacentres

Our partner’s datacentres are strategically distributed and spread across the globe so that content is always accessed from a datacentre located as close as possible to the user requesting the information.


Static Content Caching

Static content such as HTML files, JavaScript resources or images is automatically cached, allowing users to have on-demand direct access to the information they need from the server located closest to them.

Dynamic Content Caching

Unlike some technologies that can only cache static content, the solution we offer uses advanced learning to constantly profile website resources therefore optimizing caching, including dynamic content.

Frequently Accessed Resources Served from Memory

Through advanced learning and frequency analysis, our solution can identify which resources are the most frequently accessed. Once identified, those resources are delivered directly from physical memory, increasing the speed at which the required information is transmitted.

User-Side Caching

To make sure that resources are loaded quickly and that the end user gets the best possible experience on the website or application, our solution caches as much content as possible on the user’s browser or mobile device. Advanced algorithms define the right caching instructions and refresh policy so that end users always have access to the most current content.

When updating your website or application, the “Purge Cache” option allows for the purge of either your entire website/application or a specific resource, making the new content immediately available to users.

Content Optimisation

Improvement of user experience on your website or application goes beyond simple content caching. To accelerate page display and reduce latency, our partner uses various content and networking optimization techniques such as:

  • Content minification
  • Image compression and compaction
  • Session reuse
  • TCP optimization and connection pre-pooling
  • On-the-fly file compression


Incapsula’s API (Application Programme Interface) makes it easy to efficiently and automatically manage caching policies. The API can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Change caching modes
  • Create custom caching rules
  • Purge the cache or a specific resource
  • Configure content optimisation settings