Virtual Cloud Servers Frequently Asked Questions

General Virtual Cloud Servers FAQ


Virtual Cloud Server: Each customer has root access to their own Virtual Cloud Server which co-exists with other Virtual Cloud Servers on the physical host server. 

Host Server: The physical server which has multiple Virtual Cloud Servers running on it. Only Extraordinary can administer the host server. 

What technical support is included?

Management of the Virtual Cloud Server is largely a customer responsibility.
Customers are responsible for:

  • server operating system management
  • software installation and management

If you have evidence of your Virtual Cloud Server reliability issues due to problems with the host server, we will support you in troubleshooting those issues.

Can I install X,Y,Z on the Virtual Cloud Server?

Yes, you have complete Administrative control of the server, install and uninstall to your heart's content. You have your own installation of the operating system to do as you please. You also have responsibility for whatever you install, Extraordinary will not assist you with the configuration of your server.

Example for a Windows server

.NET framework 2, 3, 3.5 or 4.0
PHP, Perl, Python
mysql, SQL 2012/2014 SQL express
Microsoft DNS server (not available on Windows 2008 Webserver)

Can I upgrade between plans?

Yes. Just email us at There is no set-up fee but you are committed to the new plan level for at least a further month.

Depending on available host server capacity, an upgrade may require moving your Virtual Cloud Server to an alternative host server. If this is required then 20-30 mins downtime for your Virtual Cloud Server will have to be scheduled.

Can I add memory or disk space?

Yes, by upgrading to a higher specification plan.

How much of my allocated disk space can I use?

Out of your disk space allocation you must allow space for your operating system and space for any installed applications.

How much swap space can my Virtual Cloud Server use?

As standard we set up Virtual Cloud Servers with swap space equal to double the server's physical memory (e.g. a LinuxVCS-512 plan with 512MB ram gets swap space of 1GB) up to a maximum swap space of 2GB.

Memory Swap Space
512MB 1GB

How many domains (.com, etc) can I host on a Virtual Cloud Server?

There is no limit.

Is a control panel available as an option?

For Linux Virtual Cloud Servers, cPanel is available (CentOS only).
cPanel is only available at time of original order, it cannot be added later unless a full reinstall is requested.

Otherwise if you have the appropriate license you may install webmin, direct admin etc.

We do not offer any control panel option for Windows Virtual Cloud Servers. 
If you buy the appropriate license, you can install the compatible control panel of your choice. 
You will however be entirely responsible for administering it. 

Who is responsible for backing up the Virtual Cloud Server?

Each night Extraordinary will back up an image of the server. The most recent daily and most recent weekly full backup is stored at any given time.

Which datacentre are the Virtual Cloud Servers hosted in?

By default Virtual Cloud Server plans are hosted in Interxion's London City Datacentre.

Virtual Cloud Server hosting in Edinburgh - Pulsant South Gyle (Scolocate) - is also available on request.

Do you offer IPv6?


Are my IPs shared with other customers?

No. Each Virtual Cloud Server has its own assigned IPs.

How many IPs can I have?

Each Virtual Cloud Server has one IP included as standard. If you require more, you can request additional IPs subject to providing suitable technical justification (e.g. use for SSL Certificates). 

Will IPs be assigned consecutively?

Yes, except for cPanel orders or where a prior special request has been made.

Can you give me IPs spread across lots of different subnets?

We can split the IPs between two different "Class C" blocks on request. We will not accommodate requests to spread IPs across a wide range of subnets.

What are acceptable reasons for requesting additional IP addresses?

Any service that needs its own unique IP.
Acceptable reasons can include SSL certificates or secondary DNS server.
Where it is possible to run services on different port numbers you should do that. Do not request additional IPs for services that could quite easily run on a single IP with different port numbers.

Can I specify my reverse DNS assignment for IPs?

Yes, this information is collected during on-line sign up.

Do you offer free trials or money back guarantees?

Trial periods will be considered on a case by case basis. Email outlining the purposes your Virtual Cloud Server will be used for.

How will I receive my root password?

During our SSL secured online signup process, you will be requested to select your own root password. Your root password must be at least 8 characters long and contain a mix of alpha and numerical characters. We do not send passwords in plain text emails.

Do you monitor the servers?

We monitor the host physical servers. Customers are responsible for monitoring their Virtual Cloud Servers.

What are the setup timescales?

Virtual Cloud Server orders received Monday to Friday before noon will typically be completed the same day by 6pm.
Virtual Cloud Server orders received after noon Monday to Friday will typically be done the next business day before 6pm.
Virtual Cloud Server orders received after noon Friday and through the weekend will typically be completed by Monday 6pm.

Above timescales are subject to completing credit card verification and authorisation procedure (where applicable). Orders flagged for additional verification will be subject to delay. We may ask you to send copies of government issued identification (e.g. passport, drivers license) or copies of your credit card.

Is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Yes, a 99.9% SLA applies to Virtual Cloud Server services.

In the event of the total periods of Downtime, due to failure of the hosting service, in a calendar month during the Term, exceeding 0.1% of time in said month a service credit will be made. One full day's credit of the Service Fee will be given for each hour of Downtime beyond the 0.1% allowable, up to a maximum credit of 100% of the month's Service Fee.

The maximum overall service credit payable due to Downtime in any calendar month will be 100% of the month's Service Fee.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

See our full Virtual Cloud Server Terms and Conditions.

AUP highlights:

  • No adult content permitted.
  • No antisocial behaviour permitted (e.g. SPAM, spamvertised sites, scanning, illegal content, etc.)
  • No public IRC.

Windows Specific Virtual Cloud Servers FAQ

What versions of Windows servers are available?

We offer:

  • Windows Server 2016 Standard (64 bits)
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard (64 bits)

How can I firewall my Windows Virtual Cloud Server?

The Windows firewall is enabled by default. The following ports are open as standard:

HTTP (TCP port 80)
RDP (TCP port 3389)

You may edit the firewall rules to suit your needs but we recommend only opening ports that you require to keep your Virtual Cloud Server secure.

Payment & Contractual Virtual Cloud Servers FAQ

Payment Methods

Monthly payments are accepted by:

  • Direct Debit on a UK bank account
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express only)
  • Visa and Mastercard debit cards (but not UK Maestro/Switch)
  • Paypal subscriptions

Prepayment Discounts

We offer an 8% discount for annual pre-payment. Annual payment implies a 12 month commitment and pre-payments are not refundable.

We offer a 3% discount for pre-payment of 6 months service. A 6-month payment implies a 6 month commitment and pre-payments are not refundable.

Minimum Age

All individuals contracting for service must be aged 18 years or over. If you are under 18 your parent/guardian should be responsible for contractual matters and obligations.

Invoicing Cycle

Fees are due either monthly or annually in advance of service.

You will receive an invoice by email each month on the date of the month your service originally commenced for the forthcoming month's service, this is your monthly billing date. For example if your service commenced on 17th April, your monthly billing date is the 17th and you will receive an invoice each month on the 17th.

You will be charged for the following month's service following issue of the invoice.

Notice Required to Cancel

If you wish to cancel you must notify us of this at least 10 full days prior to your monthly billing date. If you do this no further fees will be due and service will cease on the monthly billing date. If you do not give sufficient notice then a further month's fees will be due for a further month's service.

For example, if your monthly billing date is the 17th, if you give notice to cancel on 5th of June (i.e. 12 days notice) then service will cease on 17th June.

If you give notice to cancel on 14th June (only 3 days notice) then a further month's fees will be due on 17th June and service will cease on 17th July.

The 10 day notice period is required to allow us to remove you from our billing system.

Service fees are only collected as full months, we do not pro-rata final invoices.


Our business and servers are based in the UK. The VAT position depends on where the customer is located.

UK VAT applies to:

  • UK companies and individuals

VAT from the country where the customer is located applies to:

  • EU individuals
  • EU businesses that do not supply a valid VAT number

VAT does not apply to:

  • EU (non-UK) businesses that supply a valid VAT number
  • Companies and individuals outside the EU.

Do you accept Paypal for Monthly Payments?

Yes, utilising a paypal recurring subscription - please use our on-line sign-up form or ask us to send you an email link to set-up a subscription.

Do you accept Moneybookers or e-gold?