Microsoft Data Platform Competency 

As the amount of information companies have to handle increases and will keep increasing over the years, the demand for database management services is rapidly growing.

Extraordinary benefits from a long standing experience in database hosting and managed services.

The Data Platform certification demonstrates our knowledge and offering in this particular area and allows us to better serve the evolving needs of our customers.

What are Microsoft competencies?

Microsoft competencies are designed to help customers identify and choose partners with specific technology focus and expertise.

Requirements to obtain competencies vary:

  • Staff requires to train and pass Microsoft certification exams in the given competency.

  • Submitting customer references demonstrating the successful implementation of various solutions in relation to the competency. 

What is the Microsoft Partner Network?

It is the largest technology partner program in the world. It connects thousands of partners with Microsoft and together allows them to leverage their collective knowledge and offer a wide variety of technology solutions to accommodate bespoke business needs. 

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Extraordinary is associated with a powerful partner and benefits from the long-standing experience of a technology leader.