Our Solution to Prevent DDoS Attacks

When a multitude of compromised systems are programmed to flood your system with a high volume of requests, you are under DDoS attack. Because your system suddenly has to handle too much traffic, it causes it to shut down and deny access to legitimate users.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks represent a serious threat for businesses.
Not only can it cause major service disruption, but also serious reputation damage.

Key Benefits of our DDoS Protection Solution

Ongoing DDoS Protection

DDoS protection that needs to be manually activated are highly ineffective, especially against hit-and-run DDoS attacks consisting of short bursts of high volume traffic happening at random intervals over a long period of time. That is why we offer the option of solutions that are always on and includes auto-triggering of “under-attack” mode to offer you ongoing DDoS protection.

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Our solution ensures that your system is protected against all types of DDoS attacks: repeated hit-and-run DDoS, botnet threats and other elaborate exploits. New mitigation rules are applied in real-time so that your system always benefits from the latest DDoS protection.

Zero Business Disruption

In the event of a DDoS attack, you can rest assured that your business won’t suffer from any kind of disruptions. Your system will be fully protected without degrading legitimate users’ experience. This way you can focus on what’s important for your business while Extraordinary and its partner take care of your company’s security in the background.